AUGUST 22-25, 2019

Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

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APRIL 2016

Yoga Teacher Training

YogaWorks 500-hour, Jason Crandell, Jason Ray Brown’s Anatomy Studies for Yoga Teachers, Little Flower Yoga, Bent on Learning, Headstand



Hatha, Alignment-based Vinyasa and Kids Yoga – all through the lens of Mindfulness



Where I Teach

  • Harlem Yoga Studio & Harlem Wellness Center, New York City
  • The Boys’ Club of New York
  • NYDOE Public Schools
  • Teacher Trainer and Mentor Teacher for Little Flower Yoga
  • Teacher Trainer and Mentor Teacher for Bent on Learning
  • Workshop/Professional Development Presenter on Yoga & Mindfulness for NYDOE





My yoga journey began 18 years ago after college at Stanford University, where I received my B.A. in African-American Studies. I was working as an elementary school teacher in Oakland, CA and as a dancer in San Francisco-based Robert Moses’ Kin. I was drawn to classes that blended the overtly physical and flowing Ashtanga tradition with the precise, alignment-based yoga practice taught by B.K.S. Iyengar. After a long day with children, the rhythmic linking of breath with movement had the effect of quieting my over-stimulated mind. As a result, I began to dance with more fluidity and less pain. I felt more lucid and peaceful. I observed myself with more clarity and began to unearth with compassion many of my own obstacles on the path to wellness. Yoga was an integral component in my self-care ritual during the completion of my M.F.A. in Acting at The American Conservatory of Theater in San Francisco and soon became a true soul mate.

Today, I have clarified my intention to bring about community wellness through yoga and mindfulness. To this end, I am a yoga teacher trainer. I develop and teach yoga curriculum that supports under-served communities where toxic stress leads to extreme health imbalances.

The YogaWorks Teacher Training program, Jason Crandell, Jason Ray Brown’s Anatomy Studies for Yoga Teachers, Little Flower Yoga, and the Mindful Schools Certification Program have most significantly influenced my teaching so far. My classes share my moderately paced vinyasa practice and are taught through the lens of Mindfulness. They are appropriate for all students.

Crystal McCreary