AUGUST 22-25, 2019

Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

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In order to lead a balanced and conscious life as humans, we must become aware of how our beliefs and habits can lead to physical, mental and spiritual imbalances. As we move in the natural flow of the energy life force, truths may be revealed that propel an individual forward on their journey.  This is what led me to yoga.  As my practice expanded, I began to teach yoga and saw the impact it had on the lives of others.

My style of teaching is based upon the foundations of hatha yoga. It is a fusion of vinyasa, deep stretch, yin and restorative yoga. I have practiced yoga since 2007 and I began teaching in 2014. I am a licensed mental health therapist with 20 years experience, and a holistic wellness practitioner. Yoga has been instrumental in my work dealing with trauma and sexual abuse. I also incorporate alternative techniques such as meditation, energy work, chakra therapy and reflexology to enhance the practice.

I have developed my own style of yoga, Ascension Yoga™, which teaches individuals how to bring forth the life force energy to invoke healing and conscious expansion. Ascension Yoga™ brings harmony and enhances the connection to the Higher Self. We are all at a point of expansion in our lives. When we allow the life force energy to transform us, there’s a conscious shift to refocus and trust with confidence, all leading to balance and peace.


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