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Mindful, gentle and dynamic hatha yoga influenced by Vanda Scaravelli. The pose fits the individual; there's no chance of getting bent out of shape. Feel your way to freedom and joy.


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Heather gets excited about a world shining with abundance, graced with majestic mountains, lush rain forests, pristine beaches, breathtaking scenery, and a quality of air that takes your breath away; a world where children are joyful, kind and loved, and animals are respected.


She is a yoga enthusiast of more than 40 years. Heather initiated and is team leader for a yoga wellness program for clients of Wellwood Resource Center, a center that helps individuals live well with a diagnosis of cancer. She shares her passion for the rejuvenating practices of yoga, meditation and Ayurveda with individuals, groups and organizations.


Heather is the Owner/Director of Body Therapies Yoga Training a school registered with Yoga Alliance with basic 200-hour and advanced 300-hour curricula. She is the lead instructor in these programs where learners practice teaching mindfully and with authenticity. Heather has integrated these four big ideas in her life and the training: (1) you can move your mood; (2) respect the uniqueness of the individual; (3) feeling is knowing; (4) idle time is prime time.


When she is not teaching in Canada, you can find her off playing in the warm ocean and breezes of Barbados and Ghana. There she also delights in facilitating yoga and medidtation retreats and training. Heather has written a companion study guide for yoga training programs; and has a CD of guided mindfulness and meditation practices called Time for Me.


Heather Greaves