AUGUST 22-25, 2019

Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

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MARCH 2017

Yoga Teacher Training

Spiritual Essence Yoga and Holy Yoga Ministries




Where I Teach

  • Through my wellness business I routinely provide Thai Yoga massage, and I teach private one-on-one and group yoga sessions. I teach a few classes each month at GirlFit Workout Studio and I routinely provide wellness and natural health classes and workshops to various businesses, non-profit organizations, faith-based communities, and women’s groups.



Sherrell Moore-Tucker

200-hour yoga training and registered with the National Yoga Alliance and Holy Yoga Ministries



When my own health challenges led me to yoga years ago the door swung open for me to embrace my desire to teach and educate. I have a passion not only for teaching yoga to those who are new to the practice but I love to educate as well. In my experience I find that many communities do not fully understand the science behind yoga. Some people think that if they can't touch their toes then what's the point of yoga? So with every opportunity, whether in a class or in passing, I take the time to educate those who are willing to listen.


As a faith-based yoga and Christian meditation instructor I use key biblical principles like surrender, transformation, and discipline to illuminate the soul, body, and spirit connection with a dash of science for immediate and practical application. Not only do I share the physical benefits of yoga with my communities but, the physiological and psychological benefits as well.  You see no matter your fitness level, belief or socio-economic status stress is real so I serve those who are stressed. I met people where they are and share tools to aid in relieving stress. Stress can be manifested in so many ways so just because you are flexible doesn't mean you are well inside and out. Therefore, I give equal weight to Christian meditation, focused breathing, and movement in my classes to facilitate a mind-body experience which aids in health and healing in the body.