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Those of us in the yoga community who had the pleasure to know, share and work with Dinndayal were deeply saddened by the news of his physical departure. He was truly a man of spirit, courage and forthrightness and we will miss him. In rememberance, we offer these testimonials from those upon whom he shined his light.


Dinndayal, what can I say. May your Wonderful, wise, gentle loving Soul rest in Eternal Peace. You Blessed so many people and I enjoyed the times we walked, talked, laughed and shared wise stories and tales. such a special man. My Thoughts are with your family and friends. May peace be with you, your loss is a loss to us all, the world is a richer place because Dinndayal, lived in it. Peace and blessings.

 Caroline Shola Arewa, London, England


For my friend Dinndayal Morgan,

My first thought when I met Dinndayal, was oh, what a beautiful smile! I later learned that the beautiful smile that welcomed me to my first International Association of Black Yoga Teachers conference in California was indicative of the 'open heart' that he shared so readily with everyone. We became friends and fellow yogis on the path at that first meeting and our friendship continued to flourish through the years as we shared philosophies on life, and insights about teaching the radiant practice of yoga to others.

Spirit propelled Dinndayal Morgan to share practices, based on ancient teachings and philosophies, with those thirsting for wisdom and ways of being to support life, health, peace and joy. His knowledge, intellect, experience and charisma were the tools that opened those around him to his teachings.

I will miss Dinndayal’s friendship, laughter, warmth and his jubilant teachings of an open heart!

 — Maya Breuer, Providence, RI


Here's to you, Dinndayal, a strong dedicated brother who lived to uplift the spirit and consciousness of all. I felt your spirit early one morning as I celebrated the birthday of my beloved teacher, Yogi Bhajan on August 26th, 2015. It said; "its time to get together with some of the Black yoga teachers from the old IABYT and check in".

Then, less than a week later, I hear that you had made your transition and it brought me back to the days and times we'd spent together as yoga teachers of color. "Wow!" Even out of body, you are still working to keep us together!

Thank you for that. Thank you for never stopping to create community among Black yoga teachers. Thank you for your spirit, your love and your willingness to remain true to your sublime purpose.

Akaal,...... akaal,....... akaal!....... May your undying spirit continue its journey back into the Oneness of the Divine knowing that your job here was well done.

With all love and appreciation,

Krishna Kaur, Los Angeles, CA


I met Dinndayal at the International Association of Black Yoga Teachers conference in Chicago in 2002. He exuded an intensity that emanated through his eyes. Yet his wide smile was warm and welcoming; his manner gentle. The next time, I saw Dinndayal was at the 2006 IABYT conference in Rhode Island. We spent more time together and talked about our individual practices and the future of yoga. The conference was my first experience co-producing a yoga event. Dinndayal's words to me were very encouraging and they resonated deeply. "You are the one to do this work," he said. "You have the skills, ability, all that it takes to organize. You are very capable and we need you."

Dinndayal was straightforward and I trusted what he offered. He clearly saw something in me, that even I, did not know was there. I'll always cherish his words of encouragement, especially at times when I doubt myself and my capabilities. He was a wise man, an excellent teacher, and a healing spirit. May his eternal soul continue on its journey surrounded by Love and Light.

Jana Long, Baltimore, MD


The first time I met Brother Dinndayal was at our annual summits of the International Association of Black Yoga Teachers from 2001-2008. I wish I could say we were boyhood buddies and the I can still remember the time he dropped his ice cream, but from those gatherings a few things were clear to me. He transcended the social or peripheral identities where a good many of us dwell. There was nothing eccentric about him. His loyalty to teachings based in sacred principles, whether it be Chinese Kempo, Jujitsu, Eagle Claw Kung Fu or Kriya yoga gave him a grounding which allowed him to speak to the core of our being and to the deeper truths that connects everyone.

He shared this from an open and generous heart, the kind of person I would most want to have in the wilderness, or any survival situation where you might ant to keep a level attitude-- a 'designated driver,' if you like. Ultimately, a great teacher wants to be like that sip of water in a desert that inspires you just to thinking of surviving. To me, Dinndayal was one of those rare beings. Many of us will sorely miss him. I certainly will.

Dharam Singh, Boston, MA


I do not know Swami Dinndayal personally. But just reading about him and the various art forms he has mastered, made me feel humbled. It must have been an enlightening experience for those who were able to associate with him.

Shanthi Yogini, Pawtucket, RI